These days everyone wants to get a tattoo.

A tattoo is a form of body modification made by inserting ink or dyes or pigments into the dermis layer of the skin to form a design. This can be temporary or permanent according to the person. Tattoos are designed using several tattooing processes and techniques, including hand-tapped traditional tattoos and modern tattoo machines.

People take a lot of time in selecting the design for their tattoos. But as time goes on, people change. At that time, people may decide that the tattoo is no longer suitable for their lifestyle, or it no longer holds the same meaning it once did. A study has shown that almost 78 percent of tattooed people regret at least one of their tattoos. There are a couple of reasons why people opt for tattoo removals.

Rattoo Removal
  • When a person’s personality changes, tattoos that represented them then, might feel silly now. Thus, people might want to show that their tastes have changed and who they represent and care about now.
  • Many people love to show their love by getting the name of their significant other tattooed on their body or getting matching tattoos. But when the relationship ends, they just want to move on.
  • Sometimes when one gets a low-quality tattoo or is unhappy with the outcome of the tattoo design, they might want to get rid of it.
  • Most people are forced to get their tattoos removed because of their jobs since industries such as business, beauty, and customer service sometimes frown upon tattoos and view them as unprofessional.
  • Sometimes, people just want something new. They get tired of it and want to start afresh.
  • When they consider that the tattoo they got was a mistake and it wasn’t part of the plan they had.
  • When one decides to start a family and they don’t want their children to see their past decisions or mistakes. Sometimes, even their spouse/partner might not like it.

Unwanted tattoos can be a nightmare.

These days, people first prefer to go for tattoo removal creams. But many misunderstand that these creams can help to remove tattoos. But instead, these creams can lessen the visibility of ink by essentially bleaching and/or stripping the epidermis, the skin’s outermost layer which fades and re-colors the skin around the tattoo to make the artwork less visible. But if one wants to get rid of the tattoo completely, one should opt for professional help. The expense and pain associated with removing tattoos are typically greater than the expense and pain associated with applying them. That is why some people decide to keep the tattoos or get another design to cover them up.

Tattoo removal is carried out to get rid of unwanted tattoos. Laser surgery, dermabrasion, and surgical removal are the general methods that are applied to remove a tattoo.

Laser treatment is considerably safer than other tattoo removal methods, such as excision or dermabrasion as laser treatment particularly treats the pigment in the tattoo and there are very minor side effects.

The most preferred method of treatment for tattoo removal is lasers which discharge strong energy. Q-switched lasers maybe are used on people with a darker complexion to prevent altering the skin’s pigment for good.

A local anesthetic is used to remove any sensation from the skin, before laser treatment. The tattoo ink is then fragmented using highly concentrated energy which increases the temperature in the concentrated region around the tattoo. Black tattoo pigment takes in all laser wavelengths, making it the easiest color to treat. Several lasers of varying wavelengths might be necessary for tattoos of multiple colors.

A tattoo is not entirely removed in one laser treatment session. Based on tattoo size, color, and ink used, it may take anywhere between one and ten sessions to completely remove a tattoo. A six-week healing period is recommended between each laser treatment session to allow the body to absorb the ink.

“Once you know you’re unhappy with a tattoo on your body, immediately start using a zinc oxide sunscreen on it. The most common reason people can’t get lasered is that their tattoo has had sun exposure. By using a zinc oxide anytime you’re outside, you’ll help protect your tattoo, which will allow you to get lasered regardless of the season.” says Bethany Cirlin, a Tattoo Removal Specialist in New York.

  • A few other tips to ensure success in laser treatment, moisturize the area to be treated twice a day for at least a week before the appointment to ensure the skin is healthy.
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated and eat a healthy meal before the appointment.
  • Shave the area that needs to be treated a day before and not on the day or else the area might be sensitive since the pores are open.

When one decides to get tattoo removal, one should know that complete tattoo removal is difficult. Some degree of scarring or skin color variation is likely to remain, regardless of the specific method of tattoo removal.


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