COLD WATER – It may not be the most comfortable way to end your hair wash, but it might be the easiest route to glossy, strong hair

Yes, the temperature of the water does affect the quality of your hair!

Besides the shampoo you use and the frequency of your hair wash, your choice of hot or cold water plays an important role in maintaining your hair’s strength and shine. So, which is better for your hair rinse ?

Your hair structure can be categorized into two as:

  • The root – the living part on your scalp
  •  The shaft – the non-living hair strands

When the hair roots come in contact with water at a higher temperature, your hair follicles (the pores on your scalp) expand and open up naturally. On the contrary, cold water causes contraction of pores and keeps them tightly locked up. This, in turn, reduces your hair fall by increasing the grip of your hair follicles on your hair shaft.

What Does Cold Water Do To Your Hair?
  • Preserves Natural Oils
  •  Imparts Smooth And Shiny Texture
  •  Helps To Maintain A Clean Scalp
  •  Improves Scalp Blood Circulation
  •  Seals moisture

So Yay!! It’s that cold rinse at the end of the shower that does wonders for your hair. It is celebrated to leave hair stronger , shinier , bouncier and healthier .