Skincare doesn’t stop at your jawline . Your neck area is almost always exposed, but even then they rarely receive the same level of hydration and sun protection as the face.

Neck skin has a different composition than other parts of the body as the dermis is slightly thinner and more delicate here. It shows early signs of ageing since very few oil glands are found here, preventing the area to be naturally moisturised. It’s low density of connecting fibres and fatty tissues contributes to its thinnest, making the skin sag.

For these reasons, it’s just as important to care for the neck area at least as much as we do for our face.

The fix is simple: The next time you apply serum, face cream, or sunscreen or give yourself an exfoliating treatment, extend everything down to your neck.

At Klara Skin and Hair Clinic, we offer a variety of treatments to help enhance the appearance of your neck and thereby help you retain and maintain a youthfulskin presence.

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